Mildreds Update – Clarence Court Eggs

Posted: 08 May 2017


It is a great pleasure to say that mildreds are now using Clarence Court eggs across all of our restaurants.

About Clarence Court

Founded in 1990, Clarence Court began the revival of old traditional rare breed hens, using a specialist-breeding program. Clarence Court is all about egg quality and not quantity, this shines through when you see the eggs for yourself, the thick shells, rich natural coloured yolk and its denser texture. Their ethos is supported by factual evidence that yolk colours are derived from eating grass, foliage and other natural herbage.


Clarence Court pioneered the revival of traditional breeds of hens from old pure breed bloodlines. This enables their hens to spend more time outside because their breeding contains inherent characteristics that encourage them to range further instinctively.

Clarence Court Free Range Eggs are completely unique, not only for their superior flavour and quality, but because of the poulterer’s attention to the health and welfare of his hens, which are all free to range and forage on acres of green pasture from dawn to dusk, therefore leading a natural and happy life.


Their hens enjoy the finest quality cereal based vegetarian diet, the privacy of warm secluded nest boxes, trees and shrubs for cover, dust baths – in fact everything that a normal healthy hen requires for its freedom of expression and fullness of life, to bring you a truly free range fresh farm egg.

We look forward to working alongside Clarence Court, and for our customers to see what a huge difference these eggs make