Duty Manager (Camden and Dalston Restaurants)

Mildred’s is expanding, which is exciting.

We are now looking for a Manager in Camden, as one of the managers is being promoted to General Manager. We would like to employ a Manager, or senior supervisor, who has at least 2 years experience in a similar style of restaurant to Mildred’s. You will have run shifts and carried out office duties, including the day to day cashing up and banking. 

We are also looking for a Manager in Dalston to complement the team already appointed. The General Manager, is moving over from Camden, our other manager is coming to us from our Soho branch on promotion.

We pay well above industry standards, but expect in return a dedicated yet fun person. A person who has the experience and skill to build a motivated and enthuasiastic team. We have rules and expect procedures to be followed, but we also want you to know when to bend the rules, and how to overcome the unexpected.

You will have a Common Sense approach to Management.

As a Manager at Mildreds, you will get stuck in to get the job done.Teamwork is important to us, as is personality. Greeting customers, wiping down tables, carrying food or organising the staff rota. Whatever is needed to achieve a smooth shift. A varied shift is what can be expected, so a flexible, sensible person is required.

If you feel you would like to be considered, please email