Autumn Menu Changes

Can anyone else feel summer slipping through their fingers like tepid water? Sadly, we can’t hold back the wintry weather, but we can inspire you to greet the yellowing leaves and icy breeze open-armed with our new autumn menu.    

Our head chef Daniel has been working on changing the way the Mildreds menu works, which will make for a more versatile dining experience. Some may enjoy going the classic starter-to-mains route! But for those caring sharers who can’t keep their forks off their partner’s plate, we’ve made it easier for you to share as many plates as will fit on our small tables at a time!

 We have added some classics from around the world, starting with vegetable samosas; crispy pastry parcels filled with potato & peas, and served with our tangy homemade mango chutney.  We have also been looking to the deep south for inspiration; somewhere you wouldn’t imagine vegetarian food to thrive! We have taken the classic soul food staple – Buffalo wings – and have transformed those flavours into a dreamy vegan snack. Fried tofu with famous buffalo sauce have the perfect crunchy coating with a soft, spongy centre. We’ve also warmed up our pumpkin, ricotta and sage tortellini with a subtle Sicilian marsala twist.


Two new salads have also been added: our earthy-sweet beetroot salad with candied walnuts, watercress, mascarpone & beetroot crisps, and our seasonal organic puy lentil salad with butternut squash, red pepper, baby spinach and goats cheese.

If those savoury autumnal additions weren’t exciting enough, our new pudding menu will have you wishing this chilly season would never end! Our classic vegan peanut butter and chocolate brownie is gracing the pages of our menu once more; a perfect comfort pudding for those dreary, grey days. We also have a Baileys cheesecake at just the right balance of boozy and sweet! You may even begin to hurry in the colder months so that you can dig deeper into our new indulgent sticky toffee pudding.



If you are a Mildreds patron, you’ll know that around this time the classic vegan crumble makes its way back to our dessert menu. This year the contents of our crumble are changing day by day, so check our specials to be sure which tart fruits will feature on the day.

 Lastly, do you ever get starters and a main and then have to face the dilemma of whether to pop that top button of your jeans in order to get a pudding? Or have you had that sinking FOMO feeling all the way home after you didn’t manage to squeeze in something sweet at the end of your meal? Fear not! We have added a dainty little option to end these traumas – two maraschino cherry truffles, a perfect sweet-but-light finishing touch (two truffles included because your friend who said they definitely didn’t want pudding will definitely steal one).

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