Make it a Brazilian Summer

Journey into the heart of South America this summer with Mildreds

Celebrating the food, culture and landscapes of Brazil, we’re introducing a limited edition selection of specials and cocktails to our menus!

Why Brazil? Well, there’s no place quite like it. The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is a melting pot of cultural diversity. Characterised by Amerindian, European, African and Asian populations (plus many more), the foods of Brazil differ greatly by region – but the preservation of native ingredients and cooking remains.

Brazilian Summer Specials Menu


Brazil is the world’s largest producer of bananas, oranges and sugarcane, second of papaya and soy, third of beans, corn and pineapple, and fifth largest producer of cassava. Many, many more ingredients we know call Brazil home, like, well Brazil nuts, for starters, but also cashews, coffee, açai and jackfruit.


Brazil’s gastronomy reflects the country’s rich history and heritage through unique dishes built around the nation’s Indigenous, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African origins. Just about anywhere you go in Brazil, you’ll find buzzing bars, serving street food and beers until the early hours.


Brazil is home to around 900,000 Indigenous persons. Over 505 Indigenous Lands have been identified in Brazil, covering 12.5% of its territory – the majority being concentrated in the Amazon. These indigenous communities hold a profound level of knowledge about Brazil’s indigenous ingredients, vital to the survival of native traditions and culture.


Home to 60% of the Amazon Rainforest (which accounts for approximately 10% of all species in the world), Brazil is considered to have the greatest biodiversity of any country on the planet (with the most known species of plants, freshwater fish and mammals). Not only does Brazil have the most known species of plants and mammals, the Amazon River also contains the largest number of freshwater fish species in the world.


Working with 35 communities in 18 of the 26 states in Brazil, Choose Earth provide necessary resources to support the protection of Indigenous leaders – establishing relationships that strengthen the heartbeat of all of Brazil’s natural biomes, and investing in the future of generations to come.

You can find out more about their work here, and donate here.