Kiri Hodi Meal Kit – for two - Meal Kits

This cook box has all the ingredients you’ll need to prepare two generous portions of our beloved Sweet Potato Kiri Hodi at home.

Please put all the ingredients below (except the cashews) in the fridge, as soon as you receive your cook box. Use within 24 hours.

* Please read our FAQ’s before placing your order *


– Basmati rice with mustard seeds & curry leaves
– Sweet Potato
– Kiri Hodi spice paste
– Kiri Hodi masala spices
– Creamed coconut
– Coconut milk
– Green beans & peas
– Cashew coconut
– Lemon amchur

You’ll need these pantry staples:
– Light cooking oil (rapeseed or sunflower)
– Salt
– Water (400ml for 2 people, 800ml for 4 people)

And this equipment:
– A can opener
– Small saucepan (with fitted lid)
– Large saucepan
– Non-stick (or lined) baking tray

Want to see how it’s done?Watch our short video.

A full ingredients & allergen list can be found here.

This box and the ingredients it contains are packed in our Mildreds kitchens by our teams. We do not have dedicated preparation or cooking areas in our kitchens for nut-free or gluten-free food. There may be a risk that traces of all known allergens may be found in the products contained within this package and we would recommend avoiding these items if this level of cross contamination will affect you. We have provided you with the ingredient information and we would advise that you contact us directly if you have any allergies or intolerances.

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