25% Off Our New Summer Menu at Kings Cross

We’ve just updated our menu to embrace the summer months to come. To celebrate, join us at our Kings Cross branch for 25% off all food. (Monday – Friday, 12pm – 5pm) From Monday 20th June – Sunday 3rd July.

You’d be forgiven for not noticing in London, but it is in fact Summer. We may have pre-empted the debut of the sun this year, but we have installed beautiful outdoor furniture at our Kings Cross restaurant, where you will be able to have a bite to eat and some drinks (weather permitting). Imagine this: vegan brunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon with Bloody Marys and friends.

Now, with Summer, comes a range of lovely fresh seasonal ingredients and we have updated our menus to accommodate them. We’ve got three new fresh, raw vegan salads:

1) Fresh coconut, green papaya, chilli, coriander, lime;

2) Courgette, asparagus, peashoots, red basil oil, cashew cheese;

3) Organic spinach, carrot, fennel, beetroot, sprouting beans, orange saffron dressing.




For any ex or current meat eaters out there, we have a vegan take on a Middle Eastern classic lamb kwarmal (we add delicious, salty crumbled tempeh instead of lamb).


On the lighter side we have a broad bean, pea and labneh dip with deliciously sweet roasted plum tomatoes and chargrilled sourdough.




Remember our buffalo tofu? We’ve given it an Asian twist, with a bit of a bite, but with a  sweet mango salad to cool it down. Check out our chilli, lime and mirin fried tofu with mango soba noodle salad.


Though asparagus was late to arrive this season due to cold and rainy weather, it’s with us now and it’s added a bit of earthy crunch to our tortelloni – much lighter than our winter version with lemon ricotta, peas, broad beans, and saffron sauce.


We have also got a tangy, sweet and hot summer burrito with organic black beans and red rice, avocado mousse and grilled pineapple salsa.


We have also added two new sides:

  • Yellow and green courgettes with labneh and pistachio lemon pesto;
  • Asian broccoli with dark soya, peanuts and chilli.




But obviously, what you really want to know about is our puddings. First off, we have added some bright pink seasonal rhubarb to our vegan pavlova (made with aquafaba).


We have also got a genuinely guilt-free pudding: raw, vegan, gluten and sugar free chocolate truffle cake with an almond and date crust served with fresh strawberries. There’s a vegan passion fruit crème caramel with a ginger snap (yes, vegan!). We have a grown-up vegan peach melba with fresh raspberries, vanilla ice cream laced with peach schnapps and a shortbread biscuit. There’s a decadent white chocolate mascarpone cheesecake balanced with fresh raspberries. Lastly, our favourite little balls of joy have been slightly altered; salted caramel and macadamia rum truffles for when you are just too full to have a whole pudding.




We’ve also made a few changes to our cocktail menu, keeping some of the classics but making way for some punchy, summery beverages. Masala moonshine is probably the most unusual, but is likely to be your new favourite drink this summer (bourbon, Cointreau, lime, mint and turmeric). Our much loved Porn Star has come off the menu, but before you despair – try our passion fruit pina colada, it will not disappoint. Peruvian Pisco stands in for whisky in our sours, we make it with aquafaba instead of egg white so you can enjoy that creamy top without having to drink raw egg! Splash of Summer  is a boozy drink, but you would never realise when drinking it, beware! The Aphrodite is a new venture for mildreds, it’s like a super-cocktail, which may sound oxymoronic, but with ingredients like goji berries, fresh ginger and maca powder, you’ll understand where it gets its name.

We would love to hear what you think; pop into Mildreds Kings Cross, Monday to Friday between 12pm – 5pm for 25% off on all food! (From Monday 20th June – Sunday 3rd July.)