The launch of Easy Vegan, our third cookbook

We have recently launched our third cookbook, Easy Vegan, written by Sarah Wasserman and Alessandra Malacarne.

Easy vegan, like our menu, has something for everyone. The beetroot tempeh smash burger is a super simple way to use tempeh making a lovely thin patty, perfect for a nutritious but indulgent burger. Our grilled peach salad with thai basil salad with vegan prik nam pla is a great way to celebrate strong summer flavours and can easily be adapted for other seasonal products. Our caramel cookie cheesecake is a no bake version of one of our long standing bestselling desserts that can be knocked together in minutes.

“Our two previous books were a way to share our restaurant recipes with our guests and reflect – really well – the way we were cooking and developing dishes at the time. The new book reflects the way Alessandra and I cook at home. We give you all the punchy restaurant flavours and presentation, but in a quick simple approachable way.” – Sarah Wasserman

We are inspired by the wealth of amazing vegetarian and plant-based cooking across the globe. The international nature of the book is very important as a reflection of the breath of that influence.

You can buy our latest cookbook at your favourite local Mildreds, or online here.