Agua de Madre x Mildreds: Wasted Coffee Kefir

Along with Agua de Madre, we have created a delicious new Wasted Coffee Water Kefir that is caffeinated, naturally sparkling, low sugar, and packed with billions of live cultures.

Staying true to The Madre’s sustainable ethos, the wasted coffee kefir is created using a syrup made from Mildreds used coffee grounds and spices: vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. The water kefir is lovingly fermented and bottled in Hackney at the Casa de Madre.

Unlike Agua de Madre’s other kefir waters, this one is caffeinated from the used coffee grounds. All our kefir waters are vegan and can be drunk alone or as a mixer. 

Founder, Nicola Hart, comments: ‘We are excited to launch this limited-edition Agua de Madre Water Kefir with our friends at Mildreds. We’ve been working together on this for a while, thinking of creative ways to utilise Mildreds waste produce to create delicious syrups to add to our fermented Water Kefir. This is our first concept, and we love the results.’

Wasted Coffee Kefir is exclusively stocked in Mildreds and Mallow.

About Agua de Madre

Film producer, Nicola Hart, founded Agua de Madre in 2017. Agua de Madre opened their brand home and fermentary (Casa de Madre) in 2019 and launched online in 2020. Agua de Madre has won a series of awards, including Great Taste Awards. The team created two sustainable biproducts of the Water Kefir Remedio Naturale, a delicious lemon and ginger paste, which can be made into a hot drink or into Ginger & Turmeric Culture Shots with billions of live cultures in a single fiery sip. More information can be found online